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My practise is fully registered through the legal pathways of complementary health care in the Netherlands. Thus it is linked to an independent complaint department, fullfills the law of privacy and all the necessary quality assurances, which are updated through a system of continuous education.

AGB code Wilma Bakker: 90101676
AGB code praktijk: 90061183
KvK nummer: 34365027

Contact details:
Office address: Sophiastraat 43, 2011 VV Haarlem.

Parking is not a problem between 9 and 5. Parking money is not necessary, I can log you in through my visitorsapp.
From Central Station it is a 20 mins walk, or 5 mins per bus (50, 255, 340, 346, 356) up to the Raaksbrug stop, after which another 5 mins walk.


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